Dreams PS4
I recently began playing Dreams PS4 which is essentially a game engine inside a game. You are able to create your own games as well as play other peoples creations.

I am currently working my way through the in-game tutorials in order to get to the stage where I can create my own levels. I have completed the basic tutorials and have also made my way through the audio tutorials to learn about the different tools available.

This page is where I'll be posting updates on my progress and creations.
In-Game Audio Tutorial - Cinematic Sound Design
In this tutorial, you are instructed to add sounds to moving objects in a pre-made scene. I layered some sounds to make use of the timeline feature while also adding reverb and other effects via the Tweak menus for each individual sound. Here was my outcome:
In-Game Audio Tutorial - Music Performance
As part of this tutorial, the music performance mode was introduced where you could select an instrument and play notes using the buttons on your controller. I used the provided drum loop and added a bass and lead synth over the top using this performance mode.

I added some reverb to each instrument to create a more natural sounding loop and also experimented with the granular synthesis effect within the Tweak menus.
Creating My Own Game - "The Islands"
To get used to experimenting with the different tools in Dreams I am creating my own game called "The Islands". Throughout the game you must reach a number of islands around the sea linked by different obstacles to collect the ice stars (one on each island). Once all stars have been collected the final island will be triggered and appear in the centre of the map. The obstacles to get to this island will be more challenging than the outer islands and once you reach the centre island you complete the game.

The making of this game will allow me to experiment with the different tools such as animating objects and camera tools as well as experiment with the audio features.
Update 1 - The first islands
I've started adding elements the the scene to create the separate islands as well as adding animated blocks to connect them as you can see below.
I have been experimenting with animating objects and connecting them to timeline gadgets to layer different sound effects. I’m using the audio collection provided by Media Molecule  in this clip so I’m going to have a go at importing my own sounds in the future!

Below is a quick walkthrough where you can see each timeline containing audio.
I also experimented with using cameras to change the perspective within the tower. View the video below to see how I implemented them using trigger zones.
Update 2 - Building the third island
For this island I wanted to make use of other peoples creations so searched the dreamsphere for terrain collections. I found a collection which contained grass, sand and ice terrain so for this island I decided to make use of the grass elements. I also decided that I will use the ice elements for the final centre island at the end of the game.

Here's my progress so far!
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