Hi! I'm Becky and I'm a Sound Designer at iGame.Audio working on Grapple Dogs: Cosmic Canines! 

My previous position was at Inflexion Games working on Nightingale after having worked freelance in the indie dev world.

I love telling stories through sound with a large emphasis on communication and reliability to get your game sounding exactly how you envision!
What I Offer
Sound Design
I create captivating audio assets that express the vibe and genre of your game.
Audio Implementation
Already have enough coding to take care of? No worries, I can take the burden of audio implementation and integration off your hands.
Dialogue and Audio Editing
If you have any recordings that need cleaning up (noise reduction, editing, etc.), I'm more than happy to help.
Software Skills
Reaper   Wwise   FMOD   Unity   UE5   UE4
Favourite Sounding Games:
Destiny 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
Ori and the Blind Forest
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Dreams PS4
I'm Looking Forward To Playing:​​​​​​​
Moonglow Bay
Zenith VR
Forza Horizon 5
Horizon Forbidden West
Limit Break 2022
I took part in Limit Break 2022 to learn from other industry professionals and further develop my skills in all areas of game audio.
Pride Fundraiser 2022
I teamed up with an amazing group of game developers for pride month 2022 to support an LGBTQ+ charity - the Albert Kennedy Trust and as a team we raised an incredible £5,300!! 
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