Implementation / Integration
This page is being updated with breakdowns of my progress for my upcoming implementation reel - beginning with the Unity demo project 'Lost Crypt'. Take a look at where I'm up to below!​​​​​​​
Wwise and Unity
'Lost Crypt' Unity Demo
Ambience - day to night transition
'Viking Village' Unity Demo
Footstep Implementation and Integration Walkthrough
FMOD and Unity
'Infiltrators' Game
This is a game I worked on with Play West Studios in Bristol. I was in charge of all the sound design on the project as well as audio implementation/integration in Unity.

I also implemented dynamic music pieces for each level that changed depending on game state (being chased by guards) as well as time left in the level.
'Bootcamp Shooter' Unity Demo
More clips are on the way which will showcase more projects using Unity and UE4 with Wwise and FMOD.
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