Current Projects

Sound designer (MetaSounds + Unreal 5) as part of Noodle Noise
Developer: Bullberry
Releasing: TBC

Sound designer (FMOD and Game Maker) as part of iGame.Audio
Developer: Medallion Games
Publisher: Super Rare Games
Platforms: Steam, Switch, Xbox

Solo game development project
Open world creature photography adventure game
Completed Projects

Sound designer (Wwise and UE5)
Developer and Publisher: Inflexion Games
Released: 2024
Platforms: Steam and Epic

Sound designer (FMOD and Unity) as part of iGame.Audio
DeveloperPanic Barn
Publisher: No More Robots
Releasing: 2022
Platforms: Xbox Game Pass, Switch, PC, Stadia, PlayStation

VR Sound designer (Unity)
Developer: Foggy Box Games

Sound designer for Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema.

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Sound designer (FMOD) as part of iGame.Audio
Developer: Medallion Games
Publisher: Super Rare Games
Released: February 10th 2022
Platforms: Steam and Switch

Startenders Artwork

VR Sound designer (Unity)
Developer: Foggy Box Games
Publisher: Yogscast Games
Released: March 17th 2022
Platforms: Quest 1+2 on release and later coming to PSVR and Steam

Sound designer and audio programmer (FMOD Unity)
Developer: PlayWest Games
Play the game here

VR Sound designer/mixer
Premiered at the BFI London Film Festival 2020

Dialogue editor and sound designer
A virtual experience included in the Journeys Festival
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Podcast sound mixer
"Unsung" by Crack Magazine on Sonos Radio
Listen to all episodes here

Podcast sound mixer
"Lets Talk Now" by UWE Bristol
Listen to all episodes here
Other Completed Projects
Sound designer for unannounced VR game prototype
Dialogue editor for video project displayed as part of the “Project What If” exhibition at We The Curious in Bristol
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